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With our help we guarantee your digital world will work faultlessly! We are a team of IT assistants focused on solving your problems regardless of what user group you belong to.

Valid until 25.5.2021

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When you entrust us with you problems, you can be certain we’ll do everything to ensure technologies bring you nothing but happiness.

We are IT experts

We solve your problems immediately

You can remain in the comfort of your home

You can explain the problem in simple terms and we’ll get to its root

Setup your wifi,
to ensure its
reliability and functionality

Advise you
on the purchase of
new devices

Explain how
how to use technologies

problems you face
on a daily basis

Teach you
how to communicate
through modern apps

Help you
set up your

There’s a lot we can help you with

With us you will always have your personal IT assistant on hand to help you with any tech related problem or query.

We are trusted by hundreds of clients

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Receive your first technological assistance from us at no cost or commitment and experience just how helpful we can be! If you enjoy using our services, simply activate a paid account based upon your personal preferences

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Unlike your friends and family they are available immediately and will solve your problem on the spot.

Často se nás ptáte

Can you help with problems that might seem simple to most, but cause cause me a lot of struggles?

Of course you can! We often help our clients out with all types of small problems. These consist of issues such as advising on how to save a document as a PDF or, where to find the @ key on a foreign keyboard.

What do you actually do?

Besides solving all of your tech problems, we can also save you money through our shopping advice services (we only recommend the best products – those we would buy for ourselves). Furthermore, we’ll also gladly familiarise you with the ever expanding opportunities of the modern digital world, such as your child’s safety in the online environment or, the security of your devices. So don’t hesitate and try us out 🙂