You often ask us

We're delighted to see you are interested in Marwin services. You can find the answers to frequently asked questions on this page.

Can I order your services as a gift for my grandmother?

Of course, you can order our services for yourself or your friends and family. Simply select a membership, fill in their details and pay on their behalf.

How many times can I use the service for free?

Without a registration you get one free intervention. After registering you receive a 30 day free trial. If you enjoy using our service and want to continue receiving our assistance after your free trial has elapsed, you can activate a paid membership. 

Can you help me at any time?

Our experts are available to help you from 8-20 on working days and 10-18 on weekends. We rest on bank holidays. 

Can I order a device you've recommended directly through you?

We'll gladly recommend you devices from specific online stores or send you links to price comparison websites. We are however not a retailer, nor do we have any agreements or business partnerships with retailers, distributors or manufacturers of technologies.

What if you can't help me remotely?

If your problem is of such nature that we cannot solve it through our remote means, we will gladly recommend a reliable, local service to whom we can pass on information about your problem

Do you provide the service in person too?

Because we're able execute most assistance remotely, Marwin services are provided solely via; phone call, chat, screen share on your device, or our ground breaking augmented reality (AR) tech. 

Do you only help with PC/ Laptop related problems?

Definitely not, our experts are able to remotely help you with any device in your digital household! For example, SmartTV, routers, printers, smart watches, etc. 

Can you help with problems that might seem simple to most, but cause cause me a lot of struggles?

Of course you can! We often help our clients out with all types of small problems. These consist of issues such as advising on how to save a document as a PDF or, where to find the @ key on a foreign keyboard.

What do you actually do?

Besides solving all of your tech problems, we can also save you money through our shopping advice services (we only recommend the best products - those we would buy for ourselves). Furthermore, we'll also gladly familiarise you with the ever expanding opportunities of the modern digital world, such as your child’s safety in the online environment or, the security of your devices. So don't hesitate and try us out :)